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The impressive, enchanting shadow of the Alhambra casts a magical spell upon all those who pass through Granada. A city of legends, of travellers and pirates — lore comes to life in the warren of the Albayzin, and in the inescapable presence of the ancient Moorish castle, the famous Alhambra. The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide an impressive backdrop and add to the enchanting feel of this mysterious place.

The City

Granada, the Spanish word for the mythical fruit pomegranate, typifies this city that is a blend of ancient and modern cultures, old and modern lifestyles. Granada lies in the centre of Andalucía, the heart of Moorish Spain, and fuses its Islamic past and its Spanish present. This fusing of cultures is evident in the haunting sounds of Flamenco, a genre of music and dance, whose lingering impressions and frantic footsteps echo through the corridors and narrow alleyways of this city. The hypnotic sounds of Flamenco express the haunting passion and sorrow of being alive, the rawness of life. This music is truly the muse of Andalucía. Granada is a charming city, vibrant with the music of Flamenco, sumptuous tapas, and local people who really know how to enjoy life. It has the dance-till-dawn nightlife of a big city with the comfortable close-knit feel of a small town with many cosy local bars and cafés.

Do & See

It is possible to explore the city on foot. The pace of life here is different: get used to long leisurely lunches, and decadent afternoon naps called siestas. All of Granada sleeps during this time, so it is difficult to avoid becoming part of the life and routine here.


Eating tapas is a must in Spain. Rather than having one big dish, it is more common to try just a little of many specialities. If you're travelling with friends, tapas are the ideal sharing food. Many places offer free tapas when you purchase a drink, but there is also a number of great restaurants where you can eat full meals.


After a whole day of touring and sightseeing, there is nothing better than sitting in a beautiful environment with a good cup of hot coffee and sweet, delicious churros. Lean back, enjoy a siesta and watch life in Granada pass by.

Bars & Nightlife

In addition to bar, pubs and clubs, Granada hosts many Flamenco bars. These often only open on the evenings when performances are listed. The nightlife in Granada starts late and goes on even later into the night, often well into the morning.


For an outstanding shopping experience head to the streets that lead to the Plaza Bib Rambla, a fabulous place to stroll and buy. Clothing stores, bookstores, accessories shops, jewellery and music stores populate this area. For Spanish and Moroccan inspired souvenirs, stop by at the Plaza Nueva Area and Calle de Elvira.

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