Mexico City

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Mexico City

While Mexico is popular with travellers for its endless coasts, perfect weather and sandy beaches, the interior of the country is also well worth exploring. The bustling capital, Mexico City, with its hectic urban lifestyle, artistic neighbourhoods and historic buildings, has long been neglected by summer vacationers, but is now being discovered by curious city trippers. CDMX never ceases to surprise travellers with its renowned arts and culture scene, as well as some of the best cuisine in the Western Hemisphere.

The City

The vibrant national capital of Mexico is not only the political centre but also the cultural hub of the country, whose name dates back to the old Aztecs who called themselves “Mexica.” The city holds sights dating back to the beginnings of the high civilisation of the 14th century, and is home to one of the oldest Universities on the continent, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, established in 1553. With over 9 million inhabitants, Mexico City is among the largest cities in the world by population. It is divided into several boroughs, each one holding a wide range of restaurants and sights for visitors. Located 2,240 m (7350 ft) above sea level and framed by high mountains and volcanoes such as the Ajusco, the Popocatepétl and the Ixtaccihuatl, the city is a place for adventure seekers, city breakers and party people alike. Apart from an impressive amount of typical Mexican cantinas (where one can try traditional local drinks and food), there are many different ethnic groups that have added their cuisines and businesses to the urban landscape. With Cuban, American, Japanese, Chilean, Korean and Lebanese communities, Mexico City has got one truly multicultural identity.

Best Museums

Mexico City has an impressive number of museums — over 150 of them! Given the country's rich history and love for art, it is no wonder that CDMX has so much to offer. You get the biggest collection of pre-Colombian artefacts at the National Museum of Anthropology, a fantastic smorgasbord of local and world art at Museo Soumaya, an abundance of Mexico's power couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, as well as an ever-changing assembly of modern folk art at the aptly named Museum of Folk Art. This list is just a short introduction to the absolute best museums Mexico City wants to show you. Dive in!

Best Vegan Eateries

Sometimes it might seem that Mexican cuisine relies very heavily on grilled meat and corn tortillas. While this is an awesome combo that packs a flavourful punch, it is not exactly compatible with everyone's diet. And sometimes even meat-eaters could use some fresh vegetables and diversify their menu. Vegan and vegetarian food options are plenty in CDMX if you know where to look. Start by checking out our list of the absolute best vegan-friendly restaurants and eateries:

Do & See

With its 16 delegaciones (boroughs) divided into several hundred colonias (neighbourhoods), there is always something new to explore around Mexico City. While the historic centre of the city with the National Palace, the Mexico City Cathedral and the Palace of Fine Arts is a magnet for tourists, opportunities to have a good time abound both here and beyond. Climb the Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun, one of the largest of its kind, browse through amazing creations at craft markets or relax in the Viveros de Coyoacán public park.


Mexico's cuisine is without a doubt one of the country's biggest draws. Its typical flavors are beloved around the world, but there is so much more to try beyond the staples we all know. Keep an eye out for chilaquiles for breakfast or enchiladas for lunch, and enjoy the rich flavors of the incredibly varied local cuisine. Beans, corn and meat are staples. By the way, get ready to put your taste buds to the test with some authentic Mexican hot sauce.


Mexico City's numerous coffee houses are popular social hangouts for the young and old, locals and digital nomads. Here you'll meet self-employed creatives discussing business over laptops and espressos as well as seniors engaging in the usual coffee chit-chat. While sightseeing and museums might give you an impression of Mexico City, this is where you can truly experience local culture.

Bars & Nightlife

It's fair to say that Mexico City is a place that never sleeps. Bars, clubs and music pubs can be found on every corner, and jazz lovers can experience live gigs every day of the week. Adapt to the relaxed Mexican lifestyle, grab a drink and enjoy a musical evening.


While big department stores and shopping centers have settled in Mexico City, there is also a large number of small craft shops, art galleries, curious markets and beautiful souvenir shops to be found in the city center. Along the big streets you can find many lovely places ideal for a spontaneous shopping spree.

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